Finding your way back

I think we all get lost along the way sometimes.  Well if you put yourself out there and take risks you do.  If you don’t there is a fair chance you never found yourself in the first place. If you are this person, and your life has always been safe and predictable, you probably should… Continue reading Finding your way back


The rain passed through the tree tops, leaving small globules of water clinging to the luscious leaves.  Five minutes and it was gone, a tropical sunlight following in its wake, reaching across the forest, drying the flora as it went. The small droplet of water sat magnifying the surface of the leaf, as the heat… Continue reading Awakenings


There was the sensation of falling.  Darkness surrounded the consciousness as it slipped through space, a tunnel of dark upon dark neither cold nor warm.  Freefall through abandoned space.  Broken images danced on the edge of this awareness like the memories of a life that had been lived, or was being lived or perhaps even… Continue reading Beginnings