Why do I worry about all the space junk?

I first wrote this article when they found Beagle2, the Mars probe that crashed.  There it was, the main probe largely intact, and a load of debris spread across the Martian landscape like the residue of family picnic after a nice day in the sun. Of course, not all families leave the rubbish behind, but… Continue reading Why do I worry about all the space junk?

Go silently into the unknown

I first wrote about the Voyager spacecraft a few years back.  Voyager 1, a probe launched from earth in 1977 was on the verge of entering interstellar space, that fabulous void that fills most of the known universe.  Voyager finally achieved this about five years ago, being the first man-made object to do so, an… Continue reading Go silently into the unknown


The rain passed through the tree tops, leaving small globules of water clinging to the luscious leaves.  Five minutes and it was gone, a tropical sunlight following in its wake, reaching across the forest, drying the flora as it went. The small droplet of water sat magnifying the surface of the leaf, as the heat… Continue reading Awakenings


There was the sensation of falling.  Darkness surrounded the consciousness as it slipped through space, a tunnel of dark upon dark neither cold nor warm.  Freefall through abandoned space.  Broken images danced on the edge of this awareness like the memories of a life that had been lived, or was being lived or perhaps even… Continue reading Beginnings

The Starship Planet Earth

Since I was a little boy I have always wanted to travel in space.  Hours spent staring into the night sky from my bedroom window, dreaming of moving between the stars, walking on other planets and meeting new life forms.  For me there could be no more exciting thing. Of course I am older now,… Continue reading The Starship Planet Earth

Space – The final frontier?

This is a phrase that is known so well to many of us. Even without a love of science fiction, or an interest in the ever-unfurling cosmos, we are unlikely to have gone through life without hearing ‘that’ famous slogan from the original Star Trek series. But what does it mean? I mean obviously it… Continue reading Space – The final frontier?