Friendly Friday – Contrasts

This weeks Friendly Friday Challenge is set by Amanda at Something to Ponder about.  The current theme is contrasts, something we can all have some fun with.  Next week will be hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere. I had a few ideas about this one, and in the end just chose some items from a… Continue reading Friendly Friday – Contrasts

Friendly Friday – stay in your comfort zone

My favorite challenge is the Friendly Friday challenge, hosted alternately by The Snow Melts Somewhere, and Amanda at Something to Ponder About, this week with Snow, who has given the challenge of 'stay in your comfort zone'. I've had a good think about this one, and am going to start with two of my real… Continue reading Friendly Friday – stay in your comfort zone

Friendly Friday – coral-ish colours

This weeks challenge by Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere is Coralish Colours.  I have bent this a little but have tried to stay on theme. The Featured image was taken in New Zealand a few years back I have always taken a lot of flower shots, but at the time I was trying a… Continue reading Friendly Friday – coral-ish colours

Friendly Friday – Pathways

This photo challenge is hosted alternatively by The Snow Melts Somewhere  and this week by Something to Ponder About . My effort this week is taken from a mixture of my travels, but also my local area.  I spend a lot of time walking and cycling and know the pathways very well. But to start I… Continue reading Friendly Friday – Pathways

Friendly Friday – Inspiration

I have picked up on this through someone I have been exchanging comments with recently.  A lovely lady called Manja Mexi Movie.  Please check her blog out.  The challenge has been put up by The Snow Melts Somewhere and as this week the theme is Inspiration I thought I would have a go. Inspiration is not so… Continue reading Friendly Friday – Inspiration