Sunday Evening Sky

Walking home tonight we were blessed with one of those skies that just make you stop and stare.  Sorry the quality is not great, but like with so much these were taken with my iPhone 5s.  Not exactly top of the range.  However, the view from Kingston Bridge, with the trees bordering Home Park were… Continue reading Sunday Evening Sky

It’s still you, beneath it all

The world, life, it's very complicated.  So take a week or two and get away.  Take time to watch the sun rise and set, to watch the stillness of the hillside in the heat of the day. Meditate on the simple beauty of the world around you and one by one the layers start to… Continue reading It’s still you, beneath it all


The rain passed through the tree tops, leaving small globules of water clinging to the luscious leaves.  Five minutes and it was gone, a tropical sunlight following in its wake, reaching across the forest, drying the flora as it went. The small droplet of water sat magnifying the surface of the leaf, as the heat… Continue reading Awakenings