A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White

I have found a new challenge hosted by Nancy Merrill with the theme of Black & White.  I was fortunate be shooting in B&W today and thought I would join in. I took this today, my son Oscar was completely focused on a jigsaw puzzle, the natural sunlight was streaming through on his face, and… Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White

Winter in Annapurna (revised) part 2

And Chapter two from my Annapurna Series


I had both set out alone, days before.  I had left the security of Pokora to follow the famous Annapurna trail through the Himalayan mountains, aiming for the Thorong La Pass at 18,000 feet.  I had been warned the pass was closed due to the recent bad weather, but with rumours of Alpine guides having been rescued by Helicopter that week this had just added to the adventure.  I had not appreciated the danger, for when you are young you believe you are immortal, rashness is yet to be replaced by experience and responsibility, so I had set out into the virtual unknown, telling himself that I could turn back at any point.  How bad could it really be?

The first few days the going had been fairly easy going, the snow covering everything, but manageable.  Nights were spent in deserted guesthouses, manned by the owners, and perhaps a child…

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Winter in Annapurna (revised) part 1


The air was cold, as cold as I had ever experienced it. I had been told it was -45c at one point, a fantastic figure outside anything I had known before, but it was so cold you couldn’t stand outside for night for any longer than it took to pee unless you had just about every item of clothing available on so I believed it.

Me and Boz were lost, the path had disappeared from view an hour ago, so we had dug into the snow, a cave just big enough for us to crawl into and warm some of the surrounding snow over a small gas burner. We needed to find heat from somewhere, and although the thin air would not permit the water to boil, steam was now rising slowly from the surface. We poured powdered orange from a sachet into our mugs and mixed it with the…

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Abstract Beauty

I wrote this a while back and it has rested in obscuruty at the bottom of my blog for some time. I recently had fun adding in some new photos. I hope you enjoy.


As the saying goes, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.  As I have experienced life, the relevance of this has become more and more obvious to me. Yes, when we are talking about superficial things such as the external appearance of a human being, beauty is very subjective, two people will seldom agree on the perfect man or woman because they are always looking for their exact ideal.  Each of us is unique and therefore the ideal ‘man or woman’ is unique to us as well.  Based on that, the saying holds true, and as I sense that was its original meaning, then who am I to contest an idiom that is so deeply entrenched in literature and general society?   However, I do believe that an appreciation of beauty as a concept is more generic, and is shared by every last one of us.

Argolstoli1I am…

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Lens Artists Challenge #28 – Curves

Firstly, thank you to Perpetua who invited me to join this challenge, hosted on Travels and Trifles this week.  I much appreciate the invite. I found this challenging in having to choose amongst the multitude of curves I have in my photos.  I opted then for those that mean something to me as a person. … Continue reading Lens Artists Challenge #28 – Curves