The series of blogs on Cambodia make up a timeline for a trip taken in 1998.  If you want to follow them through, they should be read as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Killing Fields
  3. The Tuol Sleng High School
  4. A boat ride down the Tonle Sap river
  5. Buying pot and a policeman with a Kalashnikov
  6. Lost in the Khmer Empire
  7. Too stoned to climb downstairs and the children of the temple
  8. Guns, potholes and a demon driver

I have also put together a number of photo blogs that support the series.  The first 7 photo albums were put together when I returned in 2000, but there is on photo blog from the original trip.  I just didn’t have the right camera the first time around.

Please see these here:

  1. Photos 1
  2. Photos 2
  3. Photos 3
  4. Photos 4
  5. Photos 5
  6. Photos 6
  7. Photos 7
  8. The first trip