A long time away

It has been a long time since my last post.  Over two years and in that time the world has changed, possibly irreversibly as society has been turned upside down by the Covid-19 virus, and we have all been taken to new places.  For some this was just a new chapter in life, for others it has been far more challenging.  For me there have been benefits, working from home, finding a new and better balance in what is always a busy life, but also challenges such as having to teach my two boys from home.  I would like to think I have learnt more about myself in this time, and have grown as an individual.  For after all, that is what life is, the continued learning and growth of us all.

Of course not all society has taken to change with a positive view.  We have seen the worst of humanity as we have seen the best.  Selfishness and ignorance is rife in society, the failure of some to observe basic protocols such as mask wearing in public places, and the indulgent actions of those who think that going into lockdown on Monday means you need to go out and party on the weekend before.  The list is long, but that is to be expected in this ‘entitlement’ era of humanity, but thankfully we have also seen the best of people.  Hospital workers turning up day after day to packed wards where they treat all with the same care and attention, regardless of whether their patients are there through their own ignorance or just natural bad luck. The good propping up the bad as usual.  The givers feeding the takers.

We all have our path to walk, and life has a way of balancing out in the end.  That is what I believe, and that is so far what I have experienced.  I have as life has passed become convinced that there is a natural order to things.  If you treat the world with respect and fairness, that is the way you will be treated.  If you are selfish and ignorant of the needs of others, well, its all going to come bad for you in the end. 

Which kind of brings me back to where I started.  It has been a while since I have written anything public, and that is for a reason.  I do enjoy the art of blogging, but found myself hungry for likes and following paths that lead me there, rather than just writing for the sake of having something I want to say, which is what I believe writing is all about.  It is not about how many people you can get to hit a like button, it is about being true to yourself and going with your heart.  The rest is inconsequential really.  Life is about honesty and truth and that is never determined by a little thumbs up in the corner of the screen. 

So I am back on my blog, and I have got a little bit of the annoyance I have been feeling during Covid off my chest, but I know now that I will never be happy if I am just trying to fill up a page, if I haven’t got anything to say, then I just won’t write, and of course if no one likes what I write, then at least I have been honest to myself.  And that is what is important don’t you think?  If you are honest with your self, then you are always going to be honest to the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “A long time away”

  1. Hey hoy, Fire Horse! Welcome back! We are just where you left us. I can’t believe it was more than two years, it feels like yesterday, and then again, not really. The world is indeed a different place. Good that the new reality has certain perks for you. I agree with your realisation that we need to stay true to ourselves, no matter what, if all else fails.

    In May I started blogging daily and looking back through my eight years of blogging. At the end of every post I now include My blogging history which shows one photo from all the posts posted on that same day in the past. This looking back has been such fun for me that I really don’t question or wonder whether anybody likes it or has any opinion about it at all. I shall continue with it as long as the one year cycle is completed.

    Other than that, nothing much has changed. Amore drives to work now with the company car and we can sleep longer. I don’t go to Rome any more, or anything else much, for that matter. I spent a couple of months in Slovenia in the summer, where I got my vaccines this summer and where right now they suffer a terrible pandemic situation. No wonder, since they are only 50% vaccinated.

    I wish you to enjoy yourself on here, that’s how it is supposed to be. No pressure, no pain, just fun. Wishing you well!

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  2. Welcome back – and we are still here…but maybe a bit shaken and changed. Just like you. I was ready to drop blogging – but found it helped me through the worst of the pandemic time those months. My mind was occupied with disaster and climate agony. It is still there, but I have something to do to make me forget some hours a day.

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    1. I found lock down the busiest time ever, managing two kids, teaching them and gtrying to do a full time job, all from our dining table!! A case of nothing got done well, but everything got done. Glad you are still here..


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