One Word Sunday – Circle

This is my contribution to the challenge set by Debbie at Travel With Intent for her challenge, One Word Sunday, the word being this week , Circle.  I have focused on two fo my favorite circles, the Sun and the Moon, both caught here in a slightly different perspective.

Richmond Park – Sunrise
Through the trees

30 thoughts on “One Word Sunday – Circle”

  1. Is everything ok? No posts or comments during the last month. I hope you’re just missing time or inspiration. Take care.

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    1. Thanks Véro. Things are ok here. I just had to slow down a little. Full time job, two small kids, the blogging was taking up every minute of my spare time. I have been focussing a little on other parts of my life.
      How are things gong with you. Have you started back on the ship yet?


        1. Things are going well. I’m doing final edits on a new story and sending out submissions. There’s a rumor that spring might arrive to New Hampshire. But it’s just a rumor.


      1. All good here but I’ll be really busy for some ten days, friends incoming from Oregon of all places. 🙂 We take them to Tuscany and Slovenia and back to Venice, and then they continue to Rome. What’s new over there?


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