A different kind of Street Art

I have seen this a few times over the last year, each time it seems to have grown a little.  The building has been boarded up since I can remember, being right by the main railway station in Kingston, but the wrong side of the tracks obviously.  Despite the general run down feel, and obvious boarding, this artwork seems to be expanding regardless.

There is a small handwritten sign up saying there is a  gallery there, under a crumpled beer can nailed to the wall, and an old Nokia phone in a plastic bag.  If there is a gallery, it has never been open, but it has peaked my interest now so I will investigate.  In the meantime, please enjoy this very different art work.

My thanks to Resa at Graffiti Lux Art & More for the idea of using the panoramic feature on my iphone.  Credit for the work seems to go to Azure.

Please click on the Gallery below to view the photos in the viewer.


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