Friday Foto Fun – Framed

Here is my entry for Aroused blog’s, Friday Foto Fun Challenge with the topic Framed.  I love taking photos framed in, well, anything.  Sometimnes for the things beyond, but more often for the sake of the frame itself.

Richmond Park
Richmond Park
Image (6)
Image (15)
Clovelly, Devon, 1984
Spartia, Kefalonia, circa 1990
Parga, Greece, 1992
The Bayon, Cambodia (With Kev!)
Richmond Bridge
Hampton Court Palace


25 thoughts on “Friday Foto Fun – Framed”

        1. Yes, unfortunately I am dealing a lot with the effects of separation, my struggle is to give the kids enough time when I seem to have so little. But I am working on that. My youngest has a great imagination, he seems to invent a parallel world as he goes along!

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            1. Yes, they can be so cute. My six year old was at him Mum’s yesterday so I got to spend the day with Oscar who’s five. He started pretending that his brother was there, but invisible and trying to have two way conversations with him. It was really funny, him disappearing under the table at lunch to do David’s voice!

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