The Changing Seasons – February 2019

The changing Seasons is a challenge put up by Su from Zimmerbitch, a blogger from NZ.  This is my first attempt, so I hope I get it right.  I have already put posts up from walks and bike rides I have been doing, so I am pulling photos from the month that have not seen the light of day yet.

I suppose a large part of my life is based around the River Thames here in Kingston.  We live by the river, and a day does not go past when I am not pointing a camera at it one way or another.  This first set are some B&W photos.

Now the river in colour.


And at night, I love the way the light stayed in the sky long after sundown this night…


And a stormy sunset one evening…


Around town with my boys…

A couple of different shots, the grocers…

IMG_3782 (Edited)

And even the local estate can take on it’s own beauty in the right light…

IMG_3979 (Edited)

Our day out at Paultons Park…

And finally the new crane that’s just sprung up in the middle of town,  the boys banged on the door of the wooden wall that’s  gone up and asked the builders what’s going on.  A cinema on top of the department store was the answer.


13 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – February 2019”

  1. My 5-year old son would’ve stayed right beneath that crane, just like your kids. Because he loves watching these mechanical machines in motion so much.
    Snaps of Thames are lovely indeed 🙂

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