Misty Morning

The last couple of mornings have been rather misty.  A very pretty start to the days which are now turning out warm and sunny.  Yes we have early spring here in London.  We must be doing something right.  If I were a believer in gods and diving punishment, I would say maybe we have it right with our chaotic stumble into a post EU Britain, whereas I would look at the US and say, my President Trump, what Artic wrath have you brought forth upon your country.  But I don’t believe in nonsense like that so I won’t even mention it.

But like I said, the weather has turned for the better, so I felt inspired as I headed out on my early morning ride today.  Saturdays the boys are normally at their mothers, so I get some time to exercise and take photos, both things I enjoy doing.  About 7.15 I headed out into Bushy Park today, aware of the mist but primed only with my iphone for convenience.

My first stop was before I had even got to Bushy Park. It seemed an ambient light to photograph the shoe tree beside the skate park.  I guess this is part of their right of passage….


And then into the park itself at which point I realised It was going to be one of those bike rides where I spend as much time stopping as I do riding!


The mist was much denser than I had thought, and I was as usual taken by the effect of the naked trees silhouetted against the hazy backdrop.

And then I found the deer.  These are a herd of Fallow deer, they are much smaller than the Red deer that also populate the park, they are very attractive with their dainty mottled fur.  They are quite used to visitors, but like with all wild animal you must give them their distance and respect.

Then I focussed on my cycling for a while, although I had to stop to photograph the mistletoe in this tree.  This area is abundant with Mistletoe, although a parasite, it seems to add to the shape of the winter trees.  And a quick shot of the track for prosperity.

And I will end with a couple of the waterways within the park.  The light seemed perfect for reflections, and I even caught a couple of ducks flying in to take a look…

20 thoughts on “Misty Morning”

  1. Woooooooooooooooow!! These deserve some serious acclaim. What a great walk you had! Getting better and better all the time – “And then I found the deer”: yes, yes, you had, plenty of them! – only to culminate with the branches reflected. And those trees lining the road! And the path! Just glorious.

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