I had an interesting time today, visiting some friends who live on a Dutch Barge on the Thames in Kingston.  This is somewhat larger that the British version, and actually makes for some serious living space.  Whilst I imagine the lifestyle comes with some challenges, particularly in the dead of winter, on a sunny day like we had today, it seems idyllic.  I had taken my old Fujifilm Finepix S with me, and took advantage of the bright light to shoot some black and white photos.

The story behind them getting the Barge is epic itself, it was actually in Scotland when they bought it, and Michael, with little experience of the sea, sailed it down, with help, in Winter along the East Coast of The United Kingdom, up the English Channel and finally down the river Thames.  Olu, his wife stayed behind though being pregnant at the time.  In hindsight it is one of those things, as it went well it makes a wonderful story, if it had gone wrong, well, it would be remembered along with all the other stupid things people do.  Thankfully it went well, but as we discussed the other day, these are the things that make us who we are.

Olu is trying a new garden this year, which I think is both interesting and beautiful.

In respect of their privacy I’m not posting photos of the inside, although I can’t resist this one capturing the smoke from the woodburner caught in sunlight shining through the skylight.


And finally, I have to admit they have awesome views from their place.


9 thoughts on “Gertruida”

  1. Looks like paradise! But seriously….? They sailed through the Channel with this sort of boat???
    Gorgeous photos but I must admit, I’m on colour team – and not B&W – especially with a sunny weather. 🎆

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