Lens-Artist #33 – Nature

This weeks Lens-Artist is hosted by Patty at P.A. Moed.  The theme is nature which gives us a lot of scope.  I have chosen a set of macro and other close ups of flowers along the River Thames, mostly because they remind me that the long lazy summer days are heading our way.  Something to cheer those coming out of the crazy winter some of you have had!

For me they represent more than this.  I am always astounded by the infinite beauty that can be found in even the simplest of wild flowers.  The detail and colour, maybe it’s me, but I can get lost in these for whole afternoons, passing from one to the next each as perfect in its individual beauty as the last.  I had to add a couple of bugs as well, they give me as much pleasure.  I think though, of the bunch, the wild orchids hold something really special.

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