Hampton Court Palace, early morning in Black & White

I have posted the odd pic of Hampton Court Palace along the way, but normally when the sun is up and the light is good, the crowds are there, and it is swarming with people.  I decided to stip off this morning on my early morning bike ride.  It’s a cloudy morning and the sun was still struggling to wake up, so accepting the mood I thought I would shoot in Black & White this morning.

For those not familiar, the palace was one of the homes of Henry VIII, notorious king of England.  The man responsible for creating the Church of England, merely so he could divorce a wife.  I am not saying anymore about that, but If you want to read more there is of course a Wikipedia page where you can get lots of lovely facts.

I had to alter this next one to B&W in Photoshop as my phone only does panoramic in Colour.


What really caught my eye were the statues guarding the main entrance, these are just a few of them.

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