Winter in Annapurna (revised) part 2

And Chapter two from my Annapurna Series


I had both set out alone, days before.  I had left the security of Pokora to follow the famous Annapurna trail through the Himalayan mountains, aiming for the Thorong La Pass at 18,000 feet.  I had been warned the pass was closed due to the recent bad weather, but with rumours of Alpine guides having been rescued by Helicopter that week this had just added to the adventure.  I had not appreciated the danger, for when you are young you believe you are immortal, rashness is yet to be replaced by experience and responsibility, so I had set out into the virtual unknown, telling himself that I could turn back at any point.  How bad could it really be?

The first few days the going had been fairly easy going, the snow covering everything, but manageable.  Nights were spent in deserted guesthouses, manned by the owners, and perhaps a child…

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