Medieval Waverley Circular near The North Downs Way

So I took another of my walks today, heading down to the North Downs way and following a circular route out of Tilford.  The route took me through a variety of different environments, and does a nice pass of the picturesque Waverley Abbey, which was the first Cistercian abbey in England.  It was founded in 1128 by William Giffard, Bishop of Winchester.   I was there for the walk and of course nature, but the Abbey proved an extremely interesting detour.

So starting from Tilford we follow a track out of the village, very soon turning into pure mud.  I watched some mountain bikers trying to make their way up the hill for a while, before I realised I was moving faster so headed off ahead of them until sometime down the next hill.

The trail passed through some very pretty forest before dropping down to the river Wey and the Abbey ruins.

After the Abbey the trail follows uphill for sometime, back into quite deep forest, which is where I decided to stop for some lunch.  I had just sat down when I heard a rush passing through the trees and was hit bu a hail storm.  It didn’t last long, and by the time I got to the top of the hill, the sun was out.  The surprise here was the view, out over the South Downs.  Absolutely stunning, but not so easy to photography with the sun bright in the sky above.

So down the far side of the town to the Sands, where I saw the first of the pubs on route.  I’m driving so not stop for me.  and then off uphill again into more forest, and then Crooksbury Common, home to some very interesting trees.  The sun was starting to get low so the effect of the sun through the trees added to the mystery of the place.

And then the final mile or so, passing some interesting houses, and i had to take some pics in the more than plentiful muddy puddles.

And finally back at Tilford I stopped to capture the evening sky.


34 thoughts on “Medieval Waverley Circular near The North Downs Way”

    1. I live right on the outer border of London and this was about 40 mins drive from my place. It’s all countrydside or farmoing out there. This area I ma currently exploring is huge, and is all earmarked as an area of outstanding beauty. So far I have not been disappointed.

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          1. I’ve heard that, yes. The ones over here are not much pink at all, only under their wings they are gloriously red-black-white striped. I suppose all this seems pink from the distance. 😀 (Their feet might be pinkish. And beaks.)

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