Crete in B&W

After years of travelling in the Ionian Islands, I came to Crete and instantly feel in love with the Island.  I mean not the really crazy bits around the airports, but the more quieter locations that can be found easy enough across this large Island.

This year we were based in the foothills above Rethymnon, on the North West of the Island.  I have to say I was not disappointed, and whilst we travelled further afield I found lots to see and do very close to where we were.  I took a lot of photos, but thought I would focus on some of the blank and white shots.  They seem to emphasise extreme sunlight in a way colour does not.

Lets Start with the town of Rethymnon.   A Venetian harbour surrounded by and Old Town filled with places to eat and shop.  It has interesting architecture and plentiful churches and other interesting features.  The beach is busy, but not too busy, and at times is perfect for both adults and small children.  It has everything you need.

And just couple of the beach itself.

We were staying in the village of Roussospiti, a very photogenic place, with a small handful of shops and tavernas scattered around the place, many not open except in the evenings.  Quiet and beautiful.  My friend Manja will appreciate some of the doors I think.

Just outside of town we discovered a military museum.  It was in the remotest of locations.  Just there by the roadside.  I have added a colour shot here taken with th iphone warm vivid setting, as I felt it gave more feeling to the exhibits.

And finally, one morning I got up and climbed up the front of the mountain behind the village.  I have written a piece about the climb which you can find here if you are interested, but atop the mountain was a little monastery, and the photos here were quite striking.

21 thoughts on “Crete in B&W”

  1. Ooo, thank you for Crete and the doors and the mention! When I saw that you posted Crete in black and white, I had doubts because for me it’s the colours I remember so much from there, but it’s working really well. The heat is palpable. You had a black and white film and a nice camera, I guess. I’d love to see the last shot in colour though, or even better, in person. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Manja, I knew you would like the doors!
      I shoot in colour and black and white, but all my phone these. I use he noir setting and I think it works well in the heat.
      I’ll have a look tonight if I remember and dig out the colour shots.
      I’m going to repost the blog from the climb as it was posted prior to anuone following me and no-one has seen it yet!

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        1. My last film camera I was usoing, a Canon Eos died a while back, although I do have an old Pentax stored away somewhere still I think.. I’m currently deciding what to buy, but don’t seem to have enough money, or knowledge of the digital camera world…

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          1. I had a Canon EOS 550D, which I liked and much better for travelling than the Nikon D600 I bought back in 2013.
            I think that all brands and models have their ups and downs. It’s hard to choose something that suits all your needs.
            Good luck!

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