Tuesday Photo Challenge – Growth

This weeks challenge hosted by Dutch Goes The Photo is the theme Growth.  There are a number of different ideas I came up with, but I had to choose Fungi as I had not had the opportunity to use the following photo previously and I always loved it.  It was taken in the Autumn in Bushy Park, Surrey.


But on that theme I took the following shot walking further a field in Surrey during December.


I love Fungi for their ability to survive in the harshest of weathers and places, but always with colour and texture.

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Growth”

    1. It’s called a parasol mushroom. You find them a lot in the parks round here, They are about 20cm across. You can’t pick them as they are part of the local ecology and animals rely on them. They are very cool and look like a chocolate covered desert!

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    1. It’s true, I bought the Collins guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools, but some of the edible ones look just like the ones that can kill you! And then I found out that you aren’t meant to pick them anyway as nature relies on them for a food source. I get mine in the supermarket.

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