Lens-Artists Landscapes

This week’s Lens -Artists challenge set by Amy is Landscapes. I have viewed some really stunning shots today, so I think I’m going to take a slightly different interpretation of this theme.  Please excuse the quality at times as these were all taken in the 1990’s with film, and there has been some degradation in the meantime.  They all are special scenes I remember vividly though so I wanted to share.

The first shots were taken atop the Island of Ithaca in Greece, where my brother and later my parents lived for a number of years.  I had climbed with my brother up the side of the mountain, which opened out into a stunning contrast of white rock and typical Greek harsh greenery.



The next shots were taken in Southern India around a place called Hampi.  The entire landscape was covered in piles of rounded rocks, obviously the result of an ocean long receded, but giving the impression that some species of giant people had arranged the rocks for their own amusement.



And finally a couple of shots taken in the UK a few years earlier.  There had been severe flooding and the fields were submerged.  It made for some great reflections, and in the first photo you can see Glastonbury Tor perched on the hillside.


Scan10017I realise these do not have the grandiose splendour of a lot of blogs in this challenge, but I feel each have great merit in their individuality.

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Landscapes”

  1. Different landscapes indeed! Ithaka is so famous, thank you for taking us there – it looks very special with those white rocks. Those rounded rocks in India – how big are they? They really look gigantic, and very unusual. The reflections in the flooded fields I guess also is an unusual thing. We had flooded fields here two years ago, but this looks like it hit a bigger area.

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    1. Questions. Well the rocks at Hampi range from small boulder to big as a house! Real land of the giants stuff. Ill do a blog on it soon. The flooding was severe, the worst I’ve known it here. Im glad i got those photos!


          1. Big business rules the government in many ways here too. Shame though. I think in time the younger generation will have a better appreciation of its importance, as they will have to face the consequences and have learnt all about it in their school years. So I am hopeful for the future, just not so much in the short term.

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              1. The future is a concern, Gavin, but it is not in our hands, but the younger generation’s to decide. You can only control so much, unless you have the skills to become a charismatic leader, and even then are bound and shackled by party politics. I have to be satisfied that my microcosm is the best it can be, and enlighten any that choose to listen to details. The obsession with technology is an interesting turning point in human history.

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                1. Yes, i agree, we can’t take on the world on our own. I do worry about the state we are leaving it in for our children though.
                  Modern technology has completely changed life, there is no doubt, we rode that wave for a while, but now we have to look at how it really fits in our lives and how to manage it really.


                1. I’ve just scanned some of mine but I really wish we had digital cameras for that trip because most of our rolls were developped in Indian studios and the quality is not always there…

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