Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

I try to keep an eye out for Cee’s posts as she has a lot of interesting challenges.  The theme today was Rainbow colours, the only specification being there must be at least four colours.  Please have a look at Cee’s blog for interesting and fun photo challenges


This was one I had to have a go out, mostly because I am really fond of colour like most, and have a lot of rainbows in my house already, but also because it was one I could get the kids involved in.  So after I picked them up from After School Club, we headed into a now largely closed town to see what we could find.

Signage on the far side of Kingston Bridge from where we live.
TK Maxx – clothes shop
Corner shop
Restaurant Neon (My personal favorite I mean I love neon, don’t you?)

Then we headed home to see what we could find.  I pretty much knew I had some easy wins, but had some fun as well.

Kids bedroom floor
Bath Towel
Umbrella – I always have a rainbow umbrella, when the day is grey and the rain is falling, you got to bring some colour!
David, 6 years
Marbles in a jar.

I hope you have a go too, if your days are short and gloomy as we have in London right now, this is just what you need!

14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors”

  1. Absolutely adore the children floor!!! And what a good idea to involve the boys in the colour quest instead of using archives. Have a good day Gavin.

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  2. Oh, yes! Great to see that you’re surrounded by rainbows and that you included your kids in the challenge. I love the most the four rainbows from your home, concluded by that very lovely drawing. That’s they way to live.

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