River Walks – Kingston to Walton-on-Thames

Yesterday I continued my trek down the River Thames.  Picking up where I left off before at Kingston Bridge, and following the river down to Walton-Upon-Thames.  This was breaking into new territory for me as I have not been past Hampton Court in the past.  It also meant I really had no idea how far it was to Walton, I do not.  It’s a long way!

The Thames bends and twists through the counties, as all rivers do, taking the route of least resistance.  This also makes it difficult looking at a map to judge distance.  I have this thing as well, whenever I do or go somewhere new, I don’t like to plan, it takes the adventure out of things, and as I said to someone yesterday, life without adventure is life wasted.  So off I went happily trotting along the Thames, my iphone fully charged for photos, a half charged ipad as backup, and the knowing there were a couple of train station along that way I could find to get back home later.

So we begin at Kingston…

….and start following what used to be the towpath towards Hampton.

The trees are full of Mistletoe at this time, their own leaves long gone with the winter, but this strangely beautiful parasite, keeping things a little green.

Running to the side we follow home park, which was Henry VIII’s private hunting grounds, the walls start as you approach the palace, but the river views get even better.

And then we find Hampton Court Palace, the home of Henry VIII, and a major tourist attraction in this area.  And the bridge of course.  These shots do not do the Court justice, there was not very good light when I arrived, the day very moody indeed.  I’ll do some on the Palace and Gardens another time.  I’ll focus on the river today.

At Hampton you cross the river to be able to follow the towpath.  New territory for me as I said.

With some interesting curios along the way…

And finally the sky seemed to brighten up for a while…

Which as usual was when my battery ran out.  It worked out well though as the day was moving on so I picked up the pace to Walton, then hiked inland a bit to Shepperton where I found the two things I desired most, a cup of coffee, and a train straight back home.  Four hours walking, then 20 mins back!

22 thoughts on “River Walks – Kingston to Walton-on-Thames”

  1. What a walk! The photos are more contrasted in colors than last week. They’re gorgeous! Soo it will be sunny and full of flowers!

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