Friendly Friday – coral-ish colours

This weeks challenge by Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere is Coralish Colours.  I have bent this a little but have tried to stay on theme.

Created with Adobe Spark

The Featured image was taken in New Zealand a few years back I have always taken a lot of flower shots, but at the time I was trying a couple of affects.

The next in a bot of stretch, but this shot was taken in Bangladesh.  The boys in the shot spend all day, everyday breaking up bricks which are then fed back into the kilns and fired up into new bricks.  At the time I was shocked at the use of child labour, but talking to the children I soon realised their lives were not that simple.   They earnt the money for their families and it was work or the streets for them.  A harsh awakening to the lives of millions every day across the subcontinent and beyond.

bangladeshi coral

The next shot was taken on a epic drive we did back in 1998 in Cambodia,  if you are interested, here’s the blog on that trip…

cambodian road

And a town house in Melaka, Malaysia.

malaka house

And finally a shameless self portrait taken on the top of Mount Fansipan in Vietnam.  I was wearing coral that day!

mount fansipan

That’s China you can see in the background.

18 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – coral-ish colours”

  1. Good to see you were obviously thinking of this coral challenge that day you wore that shirt on the mountain top! 😉 (Just kidding of course!) Great travel shots and moments, I like the interpretation – and I almost thought of adding rusty orange or a tile/clay shade in my post but then didn’t – maybe next time!
    The story about those boys is heart-breaking. They should be playing but reality has hit them young. Like so many other kids around the world. It reminds me of how fortunate I am… in a sad way.

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  2. Pretty varied selection Gavin! Dare I say the first picture is rather feminine then we’re embarked on rough exotic paths! And finally the cool last century selfie! ✌🏼

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      1. Quite silly and old fashion to think it is feminine to take photos of flowers actually… I don’t know why I said that 🤔… And I agree about the frangipani flower. The monoï oil is the pure smell of summer.

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