A cold morning by the river

The weather has been wavering around freezing this last week, which has seen me full of cold, and the kids super excited about the little bit of snow we have seen.

I took these photos on Tuesday, when the light just changed into something magical for a few moments, not long after sunrise.

If you look at the next photo you can see my two kids making the most of some ice on the wodden footbridge!



And this is where I want to live…


16 thoughts on “A cold morning by the river”

    1. I’m very serious. I won’t have a lot of money when I retire, a combination of travelling for so many years, and then having to bring up two kids on my own during my forties to sixties. SO, the boat makes perfect sense, not to mention I will need a new adventure once my little ones have flown the coop!

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  1. What a fabulous idea! we thought about it for a while. A boat cost far less than a house but it is the maintenance and the monthly rent for the dock facilities which made me rethink… What is it like in England?

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    1. Well, yes you have to pay for the dock, but you would have to pay rent anyway, and you don’t have to pay rates on a boat, so it definitely works out cheaper. I propably wont be able to afford to buy my own house so a boat is a good option, especially if i buy a yatch so I can head to Greece for the summer!

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          1. We had Santorini in mind with its iconic views but we’re quite open to suggestion for any typically gorgeous pictural villages or towns and idyllic secret beaches!

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            1. Santorini definitely is attractive. It’s a bit of a one trick pony though, the town of Thira is one of the most photogenic places in the world. I didn’t rate the beach experience there too much though. Crete has always offered much more for me. We went to Rethymnon last year, which although is quite a busy beach was perfect for the kids to swim. At the other end of the island I have fallen in love with Agios Nikolaos for its old town charm, and there are no shortage of little beaches you can find driving along the coast.

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              1. Just googling Thira and Agios Nikolaos for photos made me want to fly over there ASAP!

                I’m grateful I’ll be breathing a bit of Mediterranean air in 2 weeks for the winter break (I’ll be visiting my Mum).

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