Buildings, beautiful and varied

I was talking the other days about buildings, and had this grand idea to put up a blog of all the shiny buildings I had taken photos of in various places.  When I started to look through my backlog of photos, I realised that the shiny buildings were not really the most interesting buildings.  This blog looks at the different types of buildings I’ve seen along the way.  It’s not an exhaustive list, that would be near on impossible, but it represents some of those photos that I liked best, for whatever reason.

But let’s start with the shiny buildings.  These I like for different reasons, they are always accentuated by an interesting sky, I prefer sunny, but also if you capture the glass right you can get a second image reflected as well.  That sometimes just makes the shot.

The next few are also office buildings, but they sometimes have a different appeal for me.  The third shot in Auckland was a building I lived in for over a year. Our apartment was a converted office space, with no plumbing.  The residents on the floor all had to share a shower room down the end of the hall.  The local Alcoholics Anonymous group had the room next door, which was difficult as these were my party years!  There was a Mexican restaurant below us and a nightclub in the basement.

The next few are of colonial buildings I have seen along the way.  My favorite was the ‘Atomic’ Building in Vientiane, Laos.  It just has everything for me.  I love the grand styles, but also the aged look of buildings that have seem history change.

The next set is I guess I seem to have taken a lot of shots of.  That is buildings used for religious purposes, Churches, Mosques, Temples and Stupas.  You find them everywhere, and they often stand out for their grandiose architecture and design.  Whilst I do not understand this need to waste money on lavish places of worship, it is part of what we do as human beings so should be celebrated nonetheless.

The next three are just some of the stand out buildings I have seen, classic buildings known around the world.

But this final batch are my real favorites, they are mostly buildings with purpose, or some quirk that makes them interesting.  These are what my photo library is really full of.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed.  Thank you for visiting.

21 thoughts on “Buildings, beautiful and varied”

  1. Speaking of shiny buildings, are you familiar with the Hancock Tower in Boston? It was a wonder to behold until the glass panels started falling off and crashing to the sidewalk. Of your photos, I have to say, I like the first one best.

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    1. Its not the strongest post I have put up, but I wanted to get it out of my system. I like the simple huts you find across asia and the sub-continent. One roomed straw and mud built that people live out their lives in, as we do in our own brick and concrete homes.

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  2. Looking at structures are interesting thinking more on how it was made, not more so for the purpose of. Many buildings were built, money poured down, some left unfinished. I like the selections and I enjoyed looking at them in detail.

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  3. Astonishing the variety of your building shots! I like them all, and I understand the love for “Atomic” – something special. And when you have special memories with all of them it is even more astonishing. Great gallery.

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  4. This is a neatly compartmentalised, informative and beautiful post. I love the last gallery the most as well. Good that you have more photos of buildings like these. And that must have been tough living with one shower among many AA’s. 😀 As for individual photos, many are interesting but my heart goes to the painted Berlin one. Who knows how it looks like now. Second place – Istanbul mosque. Haven’t been there yet. There are many candidates for the third place, but I’ll take that yellow hammock in Thailand. 😉

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      1. You know I only put that in at the last minute. I was looking for a striking image and I had taken that in Rethymnon on Crete in the summer. It was a perfect white church against an outrageous blue sky, and the black & white just worked.

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