River Walks – Teddington to Kingston

The third installment in my River thames walks picks up where I left off before.  I have been waiting for a sunny day, but January is the best month for these so I decided to risk it with the sky overcast and dark, and whilst the sun is not shing from the waters surface, I think it adds to the story of the river and shows it in a different light, both literally and metaphorically.

To start with Teddington Lock, a really interesting place with its moorings, the lock, and the huge wier that forms such an important part of the flow of the River Thames.  First on the Teddington side of the river (West).


And then from the Ham side of the river.


And a few features along the way.


And now we are getting down towards Kingston


We walk through Canbury gardens with its immense Plane trees, a cooling canopy for the summer, but resplendent in their winter form all the same.


First we find the railway bridge.



And then the KIngston Bridge, next which I actually live.

img_3371img_3380 (edited)

I was going to carry on down to Hampton, but the light was failing fast, so I will keep that for another day.

14 thoughts on “River Walks – Teddington to Kingston”

      1. Sorry I don’t belong to team winter! A season when grisaille and faded light blue shades rule does not bring me too much pleasure…

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    1. This was just a couple of miles. It was the final part of the walk I tried a couple of weeks ago before running out of light. I wanted to go further, but I’m a little sick with cold and it was just above freezing so I will do the next bit another day. After that I am exploring new territory, which is going to be fun!


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