The Surrey Hills

I have recently taken to walking in the Surrey Hills.  This is not to far from where I live, and is known as an area of outstanding beauty in the UK.

The following shots were taken over two days, one cloudy, the other, not so as you can see in the featured image.

Whilst the flowing hills are perhaps the main draw for most.


I concentrate more on the detail, for it is there I always think the real beauty lies.  Whilst a stunning vista can take the breath away, to me the infinite beauty of the tiniest flower can have the same effect.  Nature stuns us with the big picture, but doesn’t ever let up, maintaining it’s perfection down to the smallest details.

But lets start with the forest, equally beautiful in winter without its clothing as it is in summer in full regalia.

And looking closer we see such things.

And sometimes the man made parts blend in or compliment.

And I took the following attempting to capture the flowing countryside, but the cloud created to much shadow.  I was taken though by the strong blue within the clouds to the left.  This was visible at the time, not just a camera effect.


I hope you enjoyed.

30 thoughts on “The Surrey Hills”

  1. Yes, I did enjoy your photo essay! I agree that we should also seek out the more subtle beauty of the in-between seasons. As much as I enjoyed the nature photos, I think the man-built environment outdoes them in this instance. The church is absolutely magnificent.

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      1. 1. Walks from Ambleside to Grasmere – either down in the valley via Ryedale or up and over Loughrigg Fell. Each is quite different and equally worth doing.

        2. The Langdales. have lots to offer by themselves.You probably need more than one day but fortunately there is a big campsite or if ou have plenty of cash there are also hotels. Less fortunately the Langdales are very popular and so there are plenty of people there, especially in Summer.

        3. There are two walks involving the Langdales where you can get away from the crowds that I like a lot. They are not circular though so you need to plan your day so to start and end in accord with bus times. One starts by climbing Dungeon Ghyll (where there will still be plenty of other folk). Then you go on passing Stickle Tarn to your left then over Blea Rigg and down to pass Easedale Tarn and Sour Mill Gill to reach Grasmere. The other is from Coniston up through Low Yewdale then to High Tilberthwaite. Skirt Great Intake to reach Little Langdale, then go past Blea tarn then pass Wall End farm where you meet the end of the road from the top end of Great Langdale.which you follow down to where the buses terminate

        Overall, some great days out guaranteed. 🙂

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        1. Thanks Ben. I will do a little research on those and see what I can plan. My kids go to their Mums most weekends, I just need to find sometime when they are there for two whole days.
          I honestly was talking to people about the lake district before Christmas so you have given somewhere to start!

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          1. Those are a couple of highlights. You may find The Lake District’s quite addictive. I’ve been going there for more than 40 years. If you’re up in Keswick or Cockermouth any time let me know and we could get together for a drink or a meal or even do some walking.

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    1. The first time I went I saw maybe three people, the second time I met a lot of dog walkers. There are dozens of routes and trails though. The local council have detailed routes available on their website so I have started with this, but as I explore I will just find my way around. This was a six mile circular walk.

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  2. Ohh, how lovely! These forest photos are real gems! The greens are marvellous! One thing I noticed in your posts is that you keep mentioning the featured photo but it’s not visible in the post. One has to go to the main menu to see it. Maybe you can repeat it at the beginning of the post. And you’re right, the details is where it’s at.

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