Friendly Friday – Pathways

This photo challenge is hosted alternatively by The Snow Melts Somewhere  and this week by Something to Ponder About .

My effort this week is taken from a mixture of my travels, but also my local area.  I spend a lot of time walking and cycling and know the pathways very well.

But to start I have chosen a shot taken back in 1998 just outside Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.  It was an interesting day as I was taken through the paddy fields by a local lad I had met, a very helpful chap who took me off the beaten track and showed me some of the rural communities.  At one point I was surrounded by school children and had to go into the school and teach an English lesson to get them back at their desks.  This shot was taken just outside that village.  You will have to excuse the quality, it was an extremely hot day and this was real film.

scan10018 v2

My second shot was taken in the Netherlands, my brother and I were working in the bulb fields in Hillegom, the shot was taken near Noordwijk Ann Zee.  It was a great time in our lives, we had just left England to travel around Europe in a beaten up old Bedford van.  I also have a great love for these dune paths.


 A little closer to home, a couple of shots taken in Richmond Park, where I have wandered extensively over the last few years.



And living next to the River Thames I had to include these.

In Summer.




And Winter.


And from a recent trip to the Surrey Hills, and area I am starting to explore with my new hiking boots!


And finally from New Zealand.  This was taken in a ancient Kauri forest near Whangerei.


My thank you to our hosts for the invite to this challenge.

29 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Pathways”

  1. Wonderful pathways I would be happy to stroll, anytime. Perfect for the prompt. It is amazing how a path can have a completely different character depending on the season! Thangs fir joining Friendly Friday !

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    1. I used to, before digital of course. It was a different way of photography, you had 24 shots so you the best of them. I can take 24 shots in a row now and not think anything of it. I would like to go back to my old Pentax one day.

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  2. Oh, the story in that first shot!! Imagine being invited to give a spontaneous English class!!! Yikes, no pressure, hahah! 🙂 (Are you a teacher?)
    I’m a beach girl so the sand dunes photo really speaks to me… I visited some similar ones in Southern France in my twenties during a very special traveling period in my life, and they look so beautiful in my eye…
    Also love the rainforest walk! I’ve never been to NZ!
    And the autumn one! Pretty! 🙂 All are great actually, heheh!

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    1. Thanks Snow. They all mean something different and special to me.
      I did do a TEFL course at one point, but it’s not really my thing. That village in Bangladesh, as I walked through all the kids ran out. I don’t think the’d seen a westerner in the village before. The teacher couldn’t get them back in the class so she made me go in and teach! I’m not overly confident, but with kids it’s ok. One of life’s experiences!

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