Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

The first trip I did to SE Asia was back in 1996.  I had been living in New Zealand for a couple of years and decided to take the long route back to Europe.  One of the most beautiful places along the way was Borobudur, a 9th Century Temple near  Yogyakarta, South central on the Island.

The journey out was through a mix of dense forest and padi fields, and I couldn’t help taking a photo of the guy who managed the passengers on the bus.  A conductor we would call him.  He had the ring that he would beat rhythmically against the metal pole in the doorway,


The temple itself was immense, and stunningly details with a mass of stupors and buddhas across the top that made for some wonderful photos.  It has the distinction of being the world’s largest Buddhist Temple.



As you can also see, it is surrounded by lush flowing hills, forest and paddy fields, beauty and tranquility.






13 thoughts on “Borobudur, Java, Indonesia”

    1. It was, I am going to put up some more photos, and start writing the narrative of that journey. I have some great shots of the Island of Lombok! It was a different time then. Suharto was still in power, it wasn’t a democracy, but you wouldn’t have known. Ah fond memories….

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  1. These are stunning structures and I wonder what It took to create them. The giant Buddha is phenomenal. I’ve always loved the story of Siddharta and one day, I can pay homage to him when I get a chance.

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            1. No, it was another mountain, I guess more central. I’ll look it us soon as I need to go back to the journals to write the narrative for this trip. I spent three months travelling from Bali to Bangkok using only local transport. I am starting to get some of the photos up, but need to write my story as well. It’s the writing I really enjoy. I kept such details journals along the way so, I have been meaning to get this all written down for a long time, but always found an excuse. Recently I’ve realised my excuses are just letting life go by, so I am finding the time somehow!

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              1. This is a good project what you are doing. To immortalize your escapade and look back to see it with a different eye. Kudos to you. Your children will never wonder what Dad did in his hay days.

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