Stormy Sidmouth

I am a frequent visitor to Sidmouth having family living down there.  I took the following photos late last summer.  A storm was raging, the rain whipping across the bay, and the sea turned brown as a result of the local iron based soil and mudstone that forms the steep cliffs that tower to both sides of the beach.

The  water was churned up like chocolate milkshake, something I have ever seen before, frothing away on the shoreline.

Churning up on the rock mounds that protect the beach

And leaving the natural stone beach scattered with fresh kelp of such vivid colour.

Overnight it blew itself out to leave the calmest waters the next morning.

18 thoughts on “Stormy Sidmouth”

  1. What an unusual colour!
    Working at sea during the high season, I’m not too fond of summer storms.
    I googled Sidmouth because I didn’t know the town and was curious to see what it looked like. It looks ideal for summer days.

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