Abstract Beauty

I wrote this a while back and it has rested in obscuruty at the bottom of my blog for some time. I recently had fun adding in some new photos. I hope you enjoy.


As the saying goes, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.  As I have experienced life, the relevance of this has become more and more obvious to me. Yes, when we are talking about superficial things such as the external appearance of a human being, beauty is very subjective, two people will seldom agree on the perfect man or woman because they are always looking for their exact ideal.  Each of us is unique and therefore the ideal ‘man or woman’ is unique to us as well.  Based on that, the saying holds true, and as I sense that was its original meaning, then who am I to contest an idiom that is so deeply entrenched in literature and general society?   However, I do believe that an appreciation of beauty as a concept is more generic, and is shared by every last one of us.

Argolstoli1I am…

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