River Walks – Kew to Teddington

Following on from my recent blog Putney to Kew, I now finish the journey I took that day.  I had hoped to walk to Kingston, but the early setting sun, and the battery running out on my phone made me terminate at Teddington.  All is not lost.  I will continue, probably down to Hampton Court on the next leg, and will do so the next time I get a nice clear day!  I hope you enjoy this next leg.

So heading out of Kew we curve around the gardens.  These are fabulous, well world famous, but that was not my destination for the day.

The views across the river are stunning, although you can’t walk that side.

I took this little video that captures the sound of the church..

Which brings you down to Richmond, with the Twickenham Bridge closely followed by the Richmond Railway bridge, making for some really scenic shots.  It was then I noticed that a. the sun was getting low and b. my phone was on red!

Which brings you to Richmond.  The river is still affected by the tide this far up, all these miles from the Thames Estuary.  As you can see the path was somewhat flooded.

Heading out of Richmond you hit the waterlogged paths again.  I used to cycle along here all the time.  Up to your ankles in river water.  Here’s one from my archives.


How cool is that.

The last shot there being the little path I found through the trees to avoid the rising water.  Then It’s a fairly long trek through to Teddington lock.  I didn’t have a chance to get photos that day, but will pick up there on the next leg.

Until next time, goodbye.

6 thoughts on “River Walks – Kew to Teddington”

    1. I walked about 9 miles that day. Noo too bad. It worked out well as the battery died at Teddington, dso Icrossed the river and picked my kids up from after school club early. they were very happy. I was going to walk the next stage on Saturday but it was so overcast the photos would have been dreary. Next week hopefully!

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