Luang Prabang, Laos

This is where I spent the Millenium.  Of all the places in the world I ended up in Luang Prabang, I think the second largest city in Laos, but nothing more really than a dusty town surrounded by some stunning countryside.  The river you see in the photos, I spent the first day of the new Millennium floating gently on a tractor inner tube, just soaking up the scenery and sun.  I have been meaning to get these photos up for a while as I feel they are some of the best I ever took.  Not because my photography was that great, but because Laos is the most photogenic country I have ever visited.  I hope you enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Luang Prabang, Laos”

    1. It was different, I’ll say that. Travel was either in boats or on beaten up old trucks that they had to fix along the way as they were always breaking. Not a good road in sight. Except in the towns of course. I’m going to put more photos up, but bit by bit. I’d like to go back now and see whats changed.

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      1. I understand you! Besides the hard work that traveling with two toddlers would be, after having kids I’ve become worried and scared of all the dangers in the world..!!! I was in Paris during one of the bigger terror attacks and it left me traumatized… traveling with my precious little ones just doesn’t sound appealing to me right now. Hopefully I’ll get over it 😊 (I worked in the travel industry for over a decade so it’s a vit strange for me to feel this way!! Still getting used to being a parent, I guess! My boys are only 17 months!)

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        1. Yes, at that age going into town is a major mission. Everything you need, and spares of everything, and just when you think you’re sorted one of them will throw up on your clothes!! It gets easier, well the challenges change!

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      2. Reading my own words… ”Over a decade” – well I started almost 20 years ago so I should’ve said ”most of my working life so far”!! Your blog draws me in partly because it seems a bit similar to mine. I also do nostalgic posts about my travels. How long have you been blogging? (Wondering why I haven’t bumped into you before!) 😊

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        1. I started blogging about three or four years ago, but didn’t really understand that you have to network. It all felt a little lonely. I mean people come from facebook or twitter, but they never comment. Then recently I started looking at other blogs and talking to people and my life is a lot richer for it now. I am meeting people all the time and having real conversations, something I lack stuck at home with two kids on my own all the time.
          I always wanted to write about my travels, and I spent about two years scanning my photos to my computer (thousands!!). Now it seems i have my space, and I love it.
          I will look more at your blog I promise. I just struggle at times to get focussed. I spent three hours ironing today for a start!

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