Lens Artists Challenge #28 – Curves

Firstly, thank you to Perpetua who invited me to join this challenge, hosted on Travels and Trifles this week.  I much appreciate the invite.

I found this challenging in having to choose amongst the multitude of curves I have in my photos.  I opted then for those that mean something to me as a person.  The first shot is taken on the beech in Westward Ho!, North Devon.  Apparently the only town in the world with an exclamation mark as part of its name.  I spent a large chunk of my childhood living a couple of miles down the road from the beach, but this photo taken in 1975 I think, brings back memories of a life once lived but now lost.  The pebbles you see are a natural phenomenon and run for miles.


I couldn’t do a challenge like this without bringing in a shot of New Zealand, but I have chosen this one because it blends to things I really love, NZ and the evening light.


And then of course there is my other love affair, Greece.  This photo was taken in Santorini whilst attending the wedding of a cousin of mine. ( A really cool cousin!)


The next shot was taken in Thailand and represents a place I spent a lot of time during my hardcore travel years, but not just that, it brings back memories of endless hours kicking back and just enjoying being alive.


Now the next photo is a little darker.  It was taken in Kosovo just after the conflict in the 90’s.  I was working for an aid agency and was sent into Kosovo just after the fighting had finished.  I think this photo tells a story.


A finally the River Thames, with all its majestic bridges.  I could post for ever on the subject of curves!  These were taken near Richmond.



I hope you enjoyed.

13 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #28 – Curves”

  1. Westward Ho! Really? Now that’s a fascinating bit of info. I like the pebbles too. And I like it how you post what’s close to your heart. Interesting that you were in Kosovo right then. Had to be quite devastating. We used to be in the same country but I’ve never been. Neither to Asia. Great memories and photos.

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    1. Thanks Mexi. Kosovo was a strange place to be in. like going back 20 years in time. I didn’t ever really bond with the locals, they were very suspicious of outsiders. Unlike Macedonia where I had the time of my life!

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  2. A curve led me to this post that I missed, pictures tell stories and narratives paint the canvas. The shot of the bridge reflecting it in the water is awesome, These curves are worth remembering. One day I will visit NZ to see where my brother in law came from. I will ask my sister to take me here.

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