River Walks – Putney to Kew

If you have looked through my blog at all you will realise that I am very fond of the area I live in, Kingston in West London.  One of the main reasons is the River Thames next to which I have made my home.  Last week I had the convergence of a number of factors, a day off work, my boys being back at school after Christmas, and a really lovely January day.  Clear skies and sun.  Oh yes, and it was also my birthday.

I decided to spend the day walking along the Thames, something I have done many times, but not for a while.  In fact the last time I did this walk, I had both of my boys in a stroller.  wow that was an effort.

So early as I could I headed out, catching a bus to Putney from where my journey began.  As you can see from the church, I didn’t actually get started till 11.30am, not as early as I had planned, but it was my birthday!  Behind the Church you might be able to make out Putney Bridge, leading over to the North side of the river, Fulham, Chelsea, that area.


I had to take a photo of that Landrover.  My Dad has had one of those since the early 80s on the farm in NZ.


I also had to take a photo of Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC, the team my Grandfather supported all his life.

You follow the river along, and soon you come to Hammersmith Bridge.


This stretch is very peaceful, although even on a Tuesday in January was very busy with dog walkers and runners.  One of the advantages of living here is you always have somewhere to go.

Which leads you through wooded paths down to Barnes Bridge.


And very quickly then onto Chiswick Bridge.


And then Kew Railway Bridge.


Which takes you to Kew Bridge, the last three sitting along one stretch of river quite close together.  It’s also a lot more built up, although the towpath still offers some scenic walking.


Which is enough for one blog.  I’ve covered about four miles by this point and taken over two hundred photos.  You can find the next part here…

6 thoughts on “River Walks – Putney to Kew”

  1. So green. It looks a bit like the Western suburb of Paris. I used to live by the Seine. Weekends usually involved a walk or bike ride along the river bank.

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    1. It helps I live out of the city proper, we are in Surrey and its as much countryside as town where we are. I am going to walk all the way into the city one day, but it’s a fair old hike!
      I have seen the Seine a few times, it all feels very boxed in in central Paris though. Mind you, I stayed with friends near Fontainebleau once and the river down there was exquisite!

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