Able Tasmin National Park, New Zealand

This is the second in my series of photo blogs about New Zealand.  The Able Tasmin National Park is situated right at the North of the South Island of New Zealand.  It is an area of absolute beauty, with great camping sites and beautiful walks in abundance.  If you are visiting New Zealand, this is a definite ‘must see’.

I headed down there for New Years with my brother and his wife’s family back in 2001.  I might never have got there if I hadn’t been invited that time.  I am grateful for the opportunity.  I wish in many ways I had taken more photos, but in those days it was all pre-digital so we worked with the film we had in our camera.  I think though that the few photos I have here tell a lot of the story.

I had to out the photo of my sand art in.  This is one of my favorite things, just grabbing all the natural ingredients of a beach and creating a little world, knowing full well the tide will wash it away later.


I was actually inspired to put this blog together by my new friends Mexi and Snow, who have been having a little chat about penguins recently.  I found these Blue Penguins wandering along the beach one morning.  They are both interesting people so check out their blogs if you can.

The next photo was taken round the campfire.  I love the way the light bends at night sometimes, giving the photo a surreal feeling.  Only our friend Dawn seems to be in focus, something I wouldn’t count on normally!


And finally the following shot is something I had never seen before, and have never seen since.  The moon actually rose from below the horizon above the sea.  Stunning.



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