It’s still you, beneath it all

The world, life, it’s very complicated.  So take a week or two and get away.  Take time to watch the sun rise and set, to watch the stillness of the hillside in the heat of the day. Meditate on the simple beauty of the world around you and one by one the layers start to peel away.  The masks you wear to protect yourself from daily life, from the expectations of society and your own insecurities will slowly evaporate in the warm scented air.  When you have peeled off the thick veneer of daily life, you are left with a person you once again recognise, the person who started this journey so very long ago. It’s you, hello, I remember you.  You had a simple idea of what the world was and what you wanted from it, but slowly, as the years passed this has become buried deeper and deeper as the reality of life has washed backwards and forward across you like the ebb and flow of the sea across the tide line.  Always changing, removing pieces and leaving new features, never the same.  The storms that raged and changed the landscape, reshaping the shore until its very fabric had been lost.

Yet underneath the beach remains, as you are there, beneath the ravages of time, just yourself, the frightened soul trying to hide from all the bullshit of life, and there is so very much bullshit.

Find that person, if only for a while, because we all need to remember who we are and where we came from, otherwise nothing else really matters.


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