More about sleep

As I have been thinking about sleep this week I thought I would elaborate on the subject.

The past few days have been particularly difficult for sleep.  Both the boys have got colds, the nasty lingering types, all snotty and full of head cold, and the boys coughing most of the night.  My eldest is prone to throwing up if he coughs too much, and last night was no exception.  In fact between the three of them, I don’t think I got more than twenty minutes sleep undisturbed in one go.  Yet this morning I feel fine, a little ragged around the edges after a long week, and managing an Audit and a month end as well, but I’m fine.  In fact I feel great.  How does that work?  Other people I know can’t survive without 8 or 9 hours per day, some even more.  However, you hear stories that many people in history, mainly the great leaders survived on 4 or 5 hours of sleep at most.   But I’m not great.  In fact I’m pretty crap really.  I just do what I need to do.

Perhaps that’s just it, you do what you need to do, and the body really does not need the legendary ‘8 hours’ per night to really survive.  I know mine doesn’t, as I have never slept much.  But when there are things to do, you just get on with it, and as I said in yesterday’s blog, the body just keeps going.  Churchill so they say, only had four hours of sleep a night, well he was running a country, and fighting a war, what else could he do.  He had to spend more hours awake just to keep on top of things, and that’s what it is like being a parent to small children, you need more hours just to keep on top of things, work, housework, time with the kids, caring for the kids, a social life as well when it’s possible, you need more than 16 hours in a day just to get every thing done.

So I say well done to all you parents out there, well done for fighting the war, for running your country.  You won’t be remembered in history as Churchill is, but a line of descendants will follow in you path, aided by the sacrifices you made. Because of that, every three o’clock feed is worthwhile,  every night spent in ER with a child with a temperature of 39 degrees is vastly important, and sharing your bed with a toddler performing gymnastics in their sleep whilst coughing their little heart out, is an expression of love and devotion that will be held in that child’s soul for ever.

And once again I say, who needs sleep anyway?  The waking hours are far more fun, far more rewarding.

That said of course, there is always the subject of dreams…….

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