Remembering the dream state…..

Sleep has been my focus this week, or lack of sleep to be more accurate. I have done my best to convince myself that sleep is an unnecessary waste of life, and time is much better spent awake. To be honest I am still of that opinion.  That said though there is the matter of dreams. Dreams can be wonderful things, and I have through my life been followed by a series of recurring experiences that have only been available to me through dreams, and of course sleep. A lack of sleep does not exclude dreams, but does I’m afraid rather compartmentalise them down into a series of broken and chaotic events.

I have read a great many books in my time, and for a while I covered the subject of lucid dreaming, and astral projection, or out of body experiences as it is more commonly known in those publications. I know this subject in its own right requires a leap of faith to even start taking seriously, but I have spoken to many people in my time who have shared their experiences, and have found the this and the literature helpful in understanding some of the experiences I have had whilst in the dream state. One of the common themes is that of flight, or to be more precise, of an individual achieving flight themselves whilst asleep. This is seen as the spirit being separated from the physical body and being free to roam unhindered. Whether you believe this or not, the subject must be at least a little intriguing as it was to me.

For a long time I struggled to achieve flight whilst asleep, but by being aware in my conscious state of a desire to experience this condition, eventually the unconscious mind started to exert some control on its surroundings. Eventually I was able to understand I was asleep whilst dreaming, and attempt flight. It wasn’t simple at all, despite knowing I was asleep I still lacked belief and the first attempts were stuttering experiences like a baby Sparrow trying to leave the nest. But it happened finally and I flew, and I have done so many times since. I can only say this is one of the most amazing of feelings. It feels so real, and you are able to stretch out and reach for the skies, drifting weightless in the air. It is such a feeling of total release from you earthly ties, a freedom that I have never experienced in the waking world. You wake feeling empowered, alive, it may not seem real to you reading this, but as an experience it is every bit as fulfilling as anything on the physical plane.

Flight is just a part of the experiences I have had in this lucid state. Recurring dreams that I have had for the best part of 40 years now make more sense at times, and places that were once just a series of bewildering, even confusing vistas can now be explored, can be almost mapped in my mind. Dreaming became to me a form of travel, where once I moved around the world with a backpack and a copy of the lonely planet, now I was able to explore unique environments whilst in the comfort of my own bed. These places are personal though, and I do not feel ready to share them with the world at general, but they are real to me, and like old friends I am always happy to see them again.

So to return to my theme of sleep, a lack of this has left me devoid of these nocturnal wonderlands, I dream now, but it is short and broken. This ethereal world is almost forgotten at times, although I know not lost. A couple of nights ago I found myself flying again, cleanly free of the world heading for the skies when my youngest woke for a feed and I was brought abruptly back into the dark of the bedroom. Whilst my life is spent largely in the physical world at present, I was reminded just for a moment of that special creative place the mind is in the dream state, and at that point where the boys start to sleep through the night, I know I will be able to reclaim my astral passport and set forth on new adventures.

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